Jordan's Story

On 22 August 2006, the McIntosh Family tragically lost their beautiful, healthy little boy, Jordan John McIntosh, who was just 19 months old. Jordan passed away unexpectedly in his sleep during a routine afternoon nap. To this day we have no idea why he died, there are still no answers, we had no warning and no reason to believe that he would go to sleep and never wake up again. Jordan left the world as a toddler, a precious son and a little brother to an older brother and sister. Jordan will be missed forever and we think of him every day.

In 2007 our first Splash of Red Ball was held on Red Nose Day to raise funds for SIDS and Kids NSW. Our Ball was founded by Jordan's aunty and friend. Since the inception of the Splash of Red Ball, we are very proud to state that we have raised over $125,000 for SIDS and Kids NSW.

Founding the Splash of Red Foundation is a step towards raising further funds and awareness in our community. Although Jordan's life was short, he touched many hearts and it is the McIntosh Family's hope that his legacy will help other babies, children and families.