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{b) Pseudo-antirennei ; its mode of action and its nature.

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tating the foot, etc., it seems more probable, especially

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f. iiflf. Gsudhtspflg. in Magdeb. (1883), 1884, xii, 1-6 —Smith

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they were blackened, and deeply corroded completely around the

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Berlin to visit Stromeyer. is very useful for antiseptic dressings,.^ and-

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seem to thus aid recovery. Drugs altering the consistency

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It must be observed, however, that in arriving at this ^conclusion we

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ing force is expended almost entirely upon and intercepted by the an-

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withhold the temporary comfort they may impart. Stimulants are of course

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Case of peculiar formation of the Umbilical Cord, By

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two cases in which the facts with respect to this point were not noted, of the

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1459. On opening the body, none of the abdominal viscera

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was a tailor, and his great-grandfather was a black-

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tion by state law. The Council and others know that

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umn, which is the continuation of the posterior column of the

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resemblance to the pus which it may originally have

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with honey or wine, as circumstances may require. The same composition might

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efficient remedy for poisoning by strychnia, i symptom. Truly did Sterne write, that

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" science " as an invention of the devil. " See, sir," they may

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quence of the ulceration ; for the vessels are usually obliterated

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In the American Medical Intelligencer of 1838-9, it is stated

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knowledge of anatomy and of physiology which they displayed.

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action upon the whole urinary tract. Examples : Co-

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months old, at the beginning of the experiment. They received a ration

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4. Va!^()M()T()h Symptoms. — Sensations of cold and nund)n('ss in the

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The obscure symptoms require attention from the skillful ear and

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in solution of water f iv. Use 3ii as a gargle, in place of the

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cine in those days, know full well that such recoveries

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weed. Consequently the loss of cattle from AragaUus lamherti is

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white medullary tissue, offering all the characters of the ence-