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800 children of working mothers from all segments of the population. Children

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jects. II. Manic-Depressive Insanity. III. The Dementia Precox Group.

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atmosphere suffices for the purposes of sterilization. Contact thermome-

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most florid appearance that the lancet is best practised ; nor is it when the

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when, he described what he felt about the thorax ; and his attacks

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disease which is its general characteristic. — If.

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diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy. There were no metastatic

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Neutropenia Patients should be told to report promptly any indication ol inlection (e g., sore throat, lever) which may be

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cesk. V I'riize, 1888, xxvii, 4C2; 478. — Ko»«!!iaii<lcr (C. J.)

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possible, and perhaps it may also be owing to the political difficulties

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Litten's Phenomena being present on botli sides. Upon inspection of

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in some cases, both belonging to the above groups and of other kinds, the recep-

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to the same poison. These cells may be derived from

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not associated wiitAi itJj»*r ir«:|^'fj(id.wtit'j<<yfti <yf jyr<i</>^y:r-3f «Aii^«UL*t. I *j

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Second. What might be called a passion for originality in which the

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Mrs. D., aged thirty-four, married, has had two children ; the first

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by atropine, and when the spinal cord is destroyed. These

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bowels be constipated, enemas are to be employed in preference