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intestinal catarrh, and tubercular diarrhoea. The number of stools

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tebral substance. Others, more elastic, appeared to have undergone

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playing hand-ball three times weekly, finishing after each

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at the time; thus an unfortunate delay occurred before the trachea could be

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lacerated and torn during labor, by its process and

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7th, aged fifty-four years. He graduated from the Bellevue

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such cases the patients are large meat consumers, for

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ascertaining that a patient is voiding saccharine urine. Whether

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the posterior white columns convey tactile sensations,

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gastro-intestinal eruption and accompanying nephritis. Complete

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they are absolutely detrimental to a higher medical

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painful. " The reduction is accomplished by raising the arm, and pressing

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been presented to the American Medical Association, had it not

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disease was overcome. Since the last report, there have been a few

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tions of the circular letter wrote as follows: In re-

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Diagnosis. — Apostematous phthisis is attended, from its onset, with

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Contraindications: Tagamet' is contraindicated for patients known to

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115. Perforating Ulcer of the Stomach (after Jones and Sieveking), . . 460

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writer was in charge of the surgical division for some months.

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Upon treatment, the pain and dysphagia rapidly dimin-

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This pill is useful in a great variety of cases of neu-

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the first case they had to examine, to see if it were not true.

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aboard^the Bourgogne, en route to New York, he met with

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Meltzer, of New York, to deliver these lectures for 1903, The