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in very mild cases, a hypoleukocytosis has been noted. The differ-

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harness or in the stable, being, as a rule, more restless at night

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always a commendable precaution to order small doses, and

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of the urine during pregnancy, especially as to the

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other coats of the intestine. They are formed chiefly in the outer sheaths of

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atory instance occurring in a patient, aged 59, who

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interstitial tissue ; but as a rule both the tubular and inter-

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ture thus obtained is used for the first injection. Five days later the

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somewhat irritable, with a countenance plainly indicating great

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ous ; and suprapubic cystotomy is also not the ideal operation. He com-

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if one province should become notoriously the easiest province in all the Dominion to

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new species of Productus from the carboniferous limestone of St.

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in various quarters. We believe that the fault is neither with

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medies, or even plugging of the anterior and posterior nares.

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straightest of men, and yet he has to go through this moral

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dangerous, but Hare believes that the chloral treatment is not best for

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taud — its accumulation between the dura mater and the skull itself.

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Among the gentlemen who joined at the recent meeting we noticed the

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W/trrf<(x, Physicians are frequently compelled to

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From the viewpoint of history, this part of the book is of

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oysters, if you can bear the corny decor, it's Wintzels on Dauphin Street, but only if you

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in any way either physically or mentally abnormal until about the year

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death was due to the anesthetic and not to the operation. It is

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resting in the laps of assistants sitting before her. In the case under

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Tlie treatment of partial hypersemia is to be conducted on the same

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vented." And he cites an example of such a descent of the clavicle, in the

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2h. 52m. Gave two drachms more by injection per anum.

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The subject is requested to take the tube himself between

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