Splash of Red Scholarship 2012

Ms Annie Evans is the recipient of the 2nd Splash of Red Scholarship, to commence in January 2012. Annie is thrilled and honoured to be the recipient of the scholarship, which was established through the amazing fundraising efforts of the Splash of Red Foundation at their 6th Annual Dinner.

Annie is an outstanding young researcher who completed her undergraduate studies both at the University of Sydney and the Australian National University. As part of Professor Semsarian’s cardiac research team at the Centenary Institute, Annie will specifically study the potential role of genetic factors in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is a devastating and tragic event in families, and while many environmental factors have been identified to increase the risk of SIDS, up to 100 babies still die each year in Australia from SIDS. Annie is planning to study key genes that may be responsible for causing electrical disturbances in the heart of babies, leading to SIDS. Understanding the genetic factors that can lead to SIDS will allow for therapeutic strategies that could lead to prevention of SIDS in our community.

We wish Annie and Prof Semsarian lots of success as they aim to understand the genetic factors associated with SIDS, and to translate these findings into prevention of SIDS in our communities.

You can also follow their research progress on Twitter @CSHeartResearch

Website: www.centenary.org.au