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no optic neuritis ; L. hemiplegia, with wasting of left limbs ; reflexes deep, left increased ;

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such as vertebral subluxations, that can be identified on a

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is non-sectarian, and the present accommodations pro-

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Remington, Joseph P., Ph.M., Phar.D., F.C.S., Chairman of the Committeef of

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proper attention to this renal obstruction as its producing and

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make one's self heard from the pulpit ; the naso-pha-

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were more in the line of the general surgeon than the gyne-

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in virgins the cervical canal is half the whole length of the uterus. The cervical

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Evaporation. — This consists in vaporizing a solvent from a

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tionate normall}-, and the reflexes are undisturbed. Many

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tion, more marked fever, enlargement of the spleen, the seroreaction, and the

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distinct, and the second pulmonic sound loses its accentuated character, or

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origin and conduction of cardiac motor impulses has simplified the subject

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part of tlie body, or of all parts of the same, must still be regarded as not

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the skeleton of an elephant, aud perched asti'ide on its shoulders, in the posi-

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least temporarily, the putrefactive substances formed in the

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accompanied by tetanic spasms. (See 'Ann. d'Hyg.' 1829, vol. 2, p. 70). If

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removing the consequences. The currents became dangerous only when

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ture, occasioning frequent attacks of reten- through the stricture and into the bladder,

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Cardiac Symposium/Medical Education Update, Ramkota Inn, Aberdeen, SD. 7 hrs AMA Category 1 credit.

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only use drainage in complicated cases, in which there

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Bread is said to be the stafFof life, being used more than any other

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drawing in of the thorax. The same observer speaks of a case of

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anywhere near the surface, or be exposed to irritating

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of the hot vaginal douche until the anamia had been

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chronic ill-health needs more discussion in both schools

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human retrovirus (human T-cell leukemia virus). Science 1983; 219:856-859

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latter of which is not only a most grateful and pleasing indulgence,

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i. time will come, unless the disease is stopped, when