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tion treatment. A pressure of over mm. required un

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the Council at Berne went so far as to issue an exhortation

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to its dose soporific anaesthetic or dangerous because it yields

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even in healthy localities if the firm soil for the first time is

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relations between the gall bladder and the concretions it contains

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Let us consider each of these conditions separately.

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Of the compounds selected for the experiment iodoform aconitine

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fragments of the stone might by the force of the shock be

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H. G. Myrick states that among the chief causes of sudden

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ally in proportion to the duration extent and severity of

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and such as would be considered to be eminently typical of this

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In order to change the upper clothing without exposing the

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it has been observed that the only period during which the fundus is

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have not given these figures because I look upon them as reliable

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day preceding the week of the annual meeting of the

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but without any relation to the pigmentary cirrhosis of bronzed diabetes in which

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they had but a limited range and that it was only in

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was true of all cases excepting those admitted in the

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the practitioner in urgent cases where the complete

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Corresponding to and dependent upon the cyclical ovarian changes

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Some sanatoria in this country and abroad report their

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of an hour the difficult nasal respiration and attending

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became evident that more fruitful w ork upon this particular point

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political movement is a cultural movement concerned with the material and spiritual necessities

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pain the patient should get into the habit of evacuating the

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admitted a Member of the College his diploma bearing date

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happiest results follow their extraction ji lt r vias naturales

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will prove that the obvious results of the vast world movements

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act and shall have power to administer oaths and take testimony concern

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point that in spite of all that has been written and spoken

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facts one that there were certain professions of which

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Experiments to determine the penetrating power of metallic

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extracts and diastase ought in some mysterious way to find their way

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