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right eye. P.upils were extremely dilated after resuscitation but now are nar
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bell. He also experimented on animals. On the merits of this
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ounces. One half to one dram each of camphor and hydrated chloral
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poorly formed in comparison with the meshwork of a healthy
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which had evidently begun as ulceration of the cornea
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yellow pale yellows light yellow yellow red reddish yellow
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perimental investigations was pursued and then in so far as prac
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and locally they both have a decided influence on the
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urged by the sturgeon. The writer does not believe it in
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this practice is by jno means general. These two counts frequently show a
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the paroxysms also show a tendency to aggravations at night.
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phlebitis present themselves. If thrombi have formed in the portal
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complete success surpass in efficacy any remedy hitherto introduced for
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Wine of Cinchona adult one teaspoonful every hour. The
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arytaeno epiglottic folds or the posterior surface of the cricoid cartilage
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tation of the Ancient Corporation of which they are Members and
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sick. Medical certificate in English colleges to show
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willing to admit that the surgical work of the pioneer was
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this last coitus. At the consultation I explained my sus
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in the place of his usual midday repast and to abstain
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readily see the physiologic and clinical suggestions
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of ergot hypodermic syringe with tablets of strychnine
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The calcium content of milk varies verv considerably in the different animal
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reached the brachial artery. He submitted that this was only a limited and
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stroyed may result in necrosis of the outer shell of the
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purpose. For a good utilization of the stump as a lever
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ing tissue and as little as possible of the so called cap
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ultimately offer their nutrition to the tissues and
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symptoms appear much earlier in meningitis furthermore they are accom
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and hinting at the pathogenesis. His patient was a man
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ures will be demonstrated. Clinic free to patients of
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the big wreck on the Missouri Pacific at Tipton Mo. Sunday
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agar agar impregnated with a small quantity of aqueous cascara
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affect. Language attests this fact of daily observa
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carrying out that decision is what gives medicine its
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it had been years earlier in the time of Ambroise Pare. In William
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had operated on thirteen patients suftering from purulent
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Nicaragua with its typical remission on the twenty

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