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by a branch with each of the thirty pairs of spinal
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it. It does not seem however that surgeons will ever
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very feeble no nystagmus no tremors of tongue pain in epigastric and umbilical
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cumulations in the bod and most of the literature on
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experiments conducted under the same conditions a given amount of
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which we have passed in review Is dysentery in aU its forms
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tration nor stupor. The pulse was moderately accelerated regular
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and indigested huntours nor doth it onlv appear to the eye
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tion the patient remained in from dread of moving her
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as croupiers. Among others present were Sir John Batty
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in this class those with two scars while four hundred
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ulceration and the denuded surfaces covered with diph
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by Dr. Blake was suitable. He thought that the pro
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from Dr. Osier who has helped build up a large and most excellent
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present as shown by auscultation pulse rate funic beat convul
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are severe soreness of the throat dysphagia and hoarseness as a rule

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