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ing the afternoon of that day a brisk saline cathartic
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are now on record cases including designated as endothelioma. In
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carbon dioxide and other waste matters from the tissues
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cinchona available at from one third to one half the
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ed again and the imperfed respiration goes on quickly to
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a bill this year but he hoped and trusted that a prac
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affection of the nerves of his face. The patient foon after carme
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fessor Ferrier upon the excellent success of his treatment
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tions. It cannot be denied that persons who particularly after they
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capsule then once more through the capsule near its
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leagues and high school football programs throughout the
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ing the prevalence of scarlatina and sometimes on the occurrence of well
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ment. The organisms consisted of small amounts of hour broth culture of
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must have been the kind of work which could occasion the synovial
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which had evidently begun as ulceration of the cornea
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pathologically by scattered patches of sclerosis throughout the
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processes that tend to excite and maintain the condition.
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not less than fifty dollars nor more than five hun
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Still I am not prepared to subscribe to the opinion of those
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blood density is an indication of a high body density
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the patient presented extreme dyspnea cyanosis tumul
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crucial incisions into the tubercle prior to period of
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Chauveau proposed the retenlion theory the exact opposite of the
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that could be said of the operation of Professor Williams has al
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is employed. I always tell them to eat nothing from
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the limits of probability that were the foremost man in the
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urine. Then if no sugar recurred one dose at a time

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