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is the germ concerned in septic sore throat or tonsillitis.

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warm water to remove the secretion and free the lids.

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even in the most favorable climates has been observed repeatedly and

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Hydrotherapeutic and Orthopedic Methods. Mydriatic pro

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equally destroyed the power of repose and of consistent action. On the day

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below the presenting part into rings about three inches in

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cavity persisted but all moist sounds had disappeared.

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Fig.. Shews the la leals as found In two diflecflions of

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foration and asphyxia. The stomach was found to be solidly adherent to the

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soluble in alcohol and ether obtained from different

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systematic work in the line of forced respiration for the

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case have seen a bad result follow any of the opera

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r eferred to. By a comparison of the rachitic conformation

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of tuberculous growth. Not a trace of infection was dis

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it is boiling seasoning to taste. Various jeUies beef extracts and gruels

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deficient in the urine and its place is occupied by uric acid and

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important living cells to the graft. His results are therefore at

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of the nervous centres and advanced tuberculosis on account of

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Park Affiliate Societies Ronald G. Welch Belleville Economics Boyd McCracken Greenville

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child announces its arrival in the world and for months after

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lives in Buffalo and his widow and a daughter live in Toronto.

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