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five others over. They all gave practically the same

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If there is one thing at which clinicians of large ex

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ment are governed by civil service rules. Competitive

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case had already been reported in the Medical Record

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the advantage of the Obstetric Forceps in some cases in which they

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tolerance. It will only partially suppress the with

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or even porcine species to make the butchers in that district

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Outbreaks of the Plague as of typhus have often followed in the wake

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peculiar interest as more likely to be constitutional and

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cently was in thinking that if we are dealing with rub

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which is a serious objection when examining the fundus at close range. The

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most noticeable decrease is in diphtheria and measles. The deaths

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the senses of feeling seeing hearing etc. Those cornmunicate with

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after coming under observation an attack which began in the usual

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recorded and in our own case it is very doubtful whether the somewhat

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should be kept scrupulously guarded and untarnished. No greed for

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women than men among males in per cent of bodies examined

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lasting blindness following syphilis. The other com

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ness due to cardiovascular changes must not be mistaken for uremia due

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and saw the patient who looked at him but could not

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electrical contractility disappears completely or in part.

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norance superstition and prejudice. Education is always followed

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were obtained while in strawberry ices purchased at a West End confec

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idiosyncrasy of the patient than to any other cause. The

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is a marked impairment of function lasting for three weeks whether or not

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