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refutation it might lie said that these three condi


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further support of this idea Yilliams shows from the records of

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husband and it was rightly held that both the physician

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anniversary number greatly exceeds in volume that of any former

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to good medical journals with the firm resolve that you will criticise

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ered the entire matter and thought it would obscure mat

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tween their calibre and the capacity of the air vesicles the respiratory

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case terminating fatally by rupture of the hepatic duct

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iield of work. Hence the demand which came from the nurses

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sugar we cannot help appreciating the refreshing coolness

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tolerably healthy condition although one or two small

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field of the right eye seemed to occupy the entire clear tapetum.

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thirty six hours after the administration of the remedy. I

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lowed by a cough indicating an acute bronchitis more or

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the pharynx than in those removed from the larynx after tracheotomy. In

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some cases. The simple tincture of valerian answers

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heart strong and normal. Septic endocarditis was sus

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c. Closure of the bile ducts by calculi resembles pylephlebitis

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worth while for the frequent primary union that takes

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an advanced stage of consumption that I expected his death

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passing th.at the Founder of the School Mr. Turner still

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tempted the treatment of vomiting of pregnancy by supra

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generations. Others remind us that Herbert Spencer s ethical sys

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simulate any of the infections especially typhoid fever

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of the fever relations the morning temperature exceeding the

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by the revolving tube but faces the cavity of the stomach through

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small doses. It produces a kind of tetanic convulsion

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less than six hours should not be denied patients whose

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staining from manipulating both the sac and viscera

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