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much larger than the end of my thumb. It remained there with but

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fever restlessness etc. for a few days always cause a change for

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some history of uterine disorder will be discovered.

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tively harmless and benign. The health shoulc be sustain

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to some extent the heat production of an individual in

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nocuous and free from pain. It would seem to be quite

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Lectures on some Important Points connected tuith the Surgery

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the Institut Pasteur Paris by his struggles for the

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and constitutional manifestations yel extensive intesti

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drawn a fraction of an inch and the point depressed

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these cases upon physiological reasons particularly its ready

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patients make an uninterrupted progress unless they have blood trans

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Id the thirty three greater towns of England and Wales with

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does not produce an antitoxin in the healthy. It is how

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order and discipline and the preservation of Government property. The

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be more uncertain. In connection with these peripherally

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forceiJS but thei e are a few new jjoints to lie remarked

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fice formerly considered as haematogenous are in reality of hepatogenous ori

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eases by reason of the remedies of which each cured

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pression a transverse myelitis softening resulting from the latter

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cision interferes with. To such an extent the knife may always be

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bringing the new lip above it. But this procedure requires a

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Apart from this the book supplies a distinct want and

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application of india rubber cords in the curative treatment

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In the Government of Orenburg Russia Jessen states that

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the disease plague in the individual and the prevention

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out patients are seen and the information gained is

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lel in degree with the intensity of the lesioi Bcanti

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The Waste of Food. At the Cookery School at South Kensing

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tory of inebriety and of insanity at the Dalrymple Home of

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uterus and called the ligament of the ovary. The lateral

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for all the symptoms. The patient died eighteen hours

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important animal in Europe and the British Isles than at present.

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range using the rim of the acetabulum for a fulcrum. The weakened neck

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slow and rapid method of the withdrawal of narcotic

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peculiarities. They are each endemic in one or more centres from which

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found to be. daj. and this time would have been much

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urethral walls as far as the contracted portion extended were very

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