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there was probably an optic atrophy in some of these cases

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Sm lf any of your numerous readers can offer me a beneficial course

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dangers against which we cannot guard ourselves or our patients

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will retain small quantities of nutriment this method

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those standing about him. and that it was impossible to

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especially cirrhosis of the liver. We will return to the first

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Treatment of Anatomical Wounds with Lotions of Chlorine Water.

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whom public custody and control is no longer necissary or

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that there is something more potent than this something that is

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peutical employment of this substance next furnishes an

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of the ovarj on the other side and the uterus was hypertro

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Gul. Reynolds Higbmore Brit. De Frigoris in corpus bumanum

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because at that time the stomach is without food but

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blood vessels more permeable and makes the leukocytes more active.

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Rats and. September Inoculated intraperitoneally as above.

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dilatation of the stomach which is spoken of by some authors is

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stomach is permanently reduced or lost where the amount of meat

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different portions of the borough the gross death rates and those due

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tomatology of purpura or a hemolysis from any cause.

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ness of the muscular contraction which requires one tenth of

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is attached to these conditions especially by the Osteopath. I called to

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at the bottom of the wound and rather below the level of

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presence of bacteria primarily streptococcus viridans or streptoptoccus

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dijjlomas by this institution both in this country and

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fession. Early operation in cases that assume a surgical

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remedies were used. Ten days ago she rather suddenlj

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reddened pupils widely dilated so that reading was im

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brickbats and missiles of a similar description to be treated

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that these views of whose justness any one may easily satisfy himself

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nence is a fact too notorious to require proof yet have

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the mucous membrane of the mouth or nose or by superficial

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our general indications. But without any additional knowledge

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liver complaint palpitation and nervous disturbances are the

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they are not watched. Hearing is sometimes functionally

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