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in late years local anaesthesia by ether spray cocaine
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testines although this theory is still admitted l y
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then more especially with the absence of all guidance
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lower and middle thirds was mm. that is to say there
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tion has been proposed in exceptional cases as in the right lumbar
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below this value after the liver has had time to effect
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Advertiser the other organs of public opinion remained
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concerns so deeply the happiness of the patient and his friends because
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tilizer which is used for their growth. Insects which inhabit
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evidence is positive thai there was no manifestation of
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medullary centers leads to the conclusion that impulses arriving at
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alive and observed reacted to stimuli in a quite normal fashion.
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have no machinery adequate to cope with the situation as regards
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action of nitrate of silver but as far as my experience goes
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to that disease. From this time till the spring of
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Jones Hutchinson and Clarkson and they perfectly coin
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that when it comes into contact with the body the softer
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press is that while non professional persons can judge perfectly
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Milwaukee by all lake line from Buffalo or by part way lake travel
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had always been well until October th when he was taken ill
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were called forth in direct response to the introduc
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perience would justify him in giving them to the ub
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Of the fatal cases secondary to ear disease to caries of bones
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He lias found that in healthy long bones there is a
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Five months before the patient was admitted to the hos
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deprecated exaggerations such as were contained in the peti
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pond with our Resident Manager for more detailed information.
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millimetre in length and from to micro millimetres in diameter.
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temp. contraction of. pupil paresis of all ocnlar muscles
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future less practical experience than they could have
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materia medica in the Maryland College of Pharmacy a position which he
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have found themfelves greatly embarraffed and have generally agreed that it w as
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vidual. This difference in point of time makes the dis
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The second part of this work fully maintains the high standard
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of their specific antitoxins has however been demon
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salivation was established and cold carefully applied to the head.

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