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pelvis. Patient held thigh flexed on hip. The diag

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Londou or Dublin should be rejected is utterly beyond my com

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known that luxation of that joint backwards was very

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first parboil them for hour having an onion cut into or pieces according

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applying disinfectants to large surfaces such as walls ceilings

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failed. Injections were not ventured but dead cultures of

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characterized by an irregular distribution of nerve

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the fiocculation zones as is observable with serum or its

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application and therefore characterized by its particular adaptability to the field of

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uterine life from irregularities of development or from dis

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securely is somewhat stiff and unmanageable. Mr. Lane has therefore

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does seem to me that the condition hardly warrants such a complete

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displacement or difference of position of an object as

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son continually watches him. He has since been dull

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question of diagnosis between hog cholera properly so called

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and sink to the bottom of the crucible. Collect and wash them

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of viable organisms is recorded. This germicidal action may lead to

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is paroxysmal and resembles that of biliary colic being referred to the right

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and of the work of children in factories. The recent laws of

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may become waxy. In the arteries and eins the waxy material fir rtrj

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explained the cause of the abnormal amount of secretion of sweat in cases

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of these measures. With this improvement in sensation motor power

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twice a day on the affected side. If the fluid is be

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serious operation as it gives per cent of operative

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Dr. Strong appointed the following committee to nominate

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from the middle part of the peripheral surface of the semilunar

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is cut in faultless sagittal sections m in thickness and stained

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ject is the more interesting by reason of the fact that the

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when the subjects of diathetic disease by the vast number

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tract which undergoes fermentation and irritates to

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society except in the county in which he shall have pursued his

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secretions in colds and influenza no bodies were found in the cultures

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istered. The blood condition immediately after the removal of the C

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