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direction forming long rod.s or chains of small globu

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method. My attention was first called to this valuable point by

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almost the whole interior of the mouth could be seen as a mass

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torium. Unless healtliN out of door occupations can be

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work. He found too that he had become lately dull and

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through life he rose superior to every obstacle which stood in

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within the pericardial sac seems to be quite uncom

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carious bringing down of the hunter s rifle the men who

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health chills fever and well marked endocarditis such

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and the temples. The restlessness may be relieved by the bromides or

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Symptoms. The renal features alone may not indicate the presence of

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method showed bacilli of uniform size far outnumber

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to see the cerebral vessels extensively thickened without obvious general

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ficers and to physicians who are in charge of hospitals or

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This disease may be continuously inoculated from one member of

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rhagia and even purpura. Still more generally the hlood

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Cornwall Second Vice P esident Dr. J. Richard Kevin

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frequently took an extra dose when any aggravation of her

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is occasionally employed. It is however more irritant and

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feels for the pulse wave if this is found arteriosclerosis is

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History. The disease was probably not unknown to earlier writers

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anterior pituitary hormone in the urine as indicated by the production

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serious than in the chronic form. The paralysis rapidly involves the

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Guide to the Investigation of Disease for the Use of Students. By Octavius

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states that many different microorganisms have been

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or even ask to be turned. When this position cannot be main

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and it is proposed that the Legislature be asked to

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reflect on intra peritoneal ligature which might have had a very

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the natural drainage of areas settled by communities

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unfortunately in most instances they come to the rescue of their host

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theory of the general malarial or at least the spontaneous origin of the

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axis of the pelvis uuiy carry to a successful parturi

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