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the most prominent and dangerous element in any given case. In prolonged

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marked indications of rachitis or mollities were visible.

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its distribution among insane and among dark skinned race

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in question is one which must be taken into account.

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to chronic appendicitis usually are due to some other disease process and

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masses is a very easy matter by testing with acetic acid under the

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grateful letters sent by these patients to those who

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temperature of from to D were also suddenly transferred

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condition of the patient some lime after the treatment had been discon

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conception of chalazia as tuberculous structures has been opposed

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measures and the efficient manner in which they are carried

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charter provides that there shall be two bureaus in the

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sharp one. The adhesions all around were freed and the omen

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ingly demonstrated by comparing the lymph flow from the lymphatics

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companied by coughing. The chief aid that can be given a patient

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not advance a living child could not be delivered. The

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for the forthcoming Congress in Rome from th September to st

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will be granted the necessary hours to return reserve books.

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This procedure is attended by grave risk and the pub

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gan Agricultural College on the night of April the th. The dam

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viruliferous agent and are left to themselves these periods

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belt which causes the orthostatic acceleration to dis

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sweats and most decidedly to influence the temperature.

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ered from is a difficult problem to solve. Still very

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Microscopical examination of a case showed an infiltration of lymph

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observation would be interpreted by Mobius and rightly so as one in which

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