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regard to the Bottini operation he said he was willing
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either the wealth of information which it contains or the
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This second foetus which I now exhibit vide Fig. presented
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AVe shall now notice the papers which more particularly interest the physician.
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entirely well intentioned but more or less ill prepared for our task.
what dark and rough a case of elephantiasis Arabum which one
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between the scapulae. The constant discharge and irritation
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right side more than the left took place on the seventh day in
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represent only different symptoms or stages of cerebral affection.
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douche and then no dilatation could be made out and
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we owe most of all to the great French clinical school of the
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bear the slightest pressure. This condition is met with frequently
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Syphilis. Single or more rarely multiple small gummata are occasion
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pus had burrowed under the liver and across the vertebral column pos
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the disease. Dr. Stokes found however that in some cases the cold
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nating with regular daily movements and the distention changing to a
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for general paresis. This pseudo paralytic form is like
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Drs. Mackellar Critcherson Keller Grenside Dickson
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acknowleged genius one of the sons has intermarried with his
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all civilized countries shows that when antitoxin is
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toward child bearing though in saying this I do not
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istering the examination to civilian pilots applying for jobs as trainee
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albuminuria. As far as the presence of hyaline casts is concerned
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and inflamed condition of these parts attended with the increased secre

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