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carried out. If it be maintained that salvarsan has

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Beef Tea. Cut into thin slices a pound of lean meat

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tender shake a little flour over them and moisten with

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i Deration of enregistration but as a body you are unknown

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That having examined the paper and the resolutions appended

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forward as the endocervical mucosa is diseased. A longitu

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eral capillaries that is those near the epitlielial surface was in

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an agreeable smell and taste and is found iu bouillons

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to effect the definite and prompt reaction that follows the disturbance

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involved in the purulent cavity. In an observation reported by

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one. Especially recommended as a spring tonic. Also valuable

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ice to suck are sufficient to allay thirst and they also prove grateful

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and tympanum. This opening was enlarged by a stout knife

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treating the head and all its parts the brain included. I then instanced

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and pale white fibres containing nuclei presented themselves.

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fight of one eye to ftrengthen that of the other in difeafed horfes.

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tions on carriers of certain other pathogenic bacteria.

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vertebral foramina of the spine there were injected

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three to one hundred or boiled in soapsuds to which washing soda has

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olfactory sense. Thus the enjoyment afforded by the aroma of a good

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Thus a nutritious diet is very proper but the meals should be light

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sity the patient becomes delirious and death may occur on the third or

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the same time the absence of other causes to account for these

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ognized by Des Cartes but it was first brought into

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of Chirolanza that the intestinal content of rabbits can become infected

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state of nutrition as is possible and for this electrical treatment is usually

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assigned for the deafness beyond tlv belief that it was the

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sept martyrs sont Stales aux yeux des speclateurs avec tout le

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nourishment of any kind. The bowels were confined and the

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hundred cases of toothache from dental caries by admin

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rior surface of the humerus descends again over the anterior

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where the gall bladder was palpated during the course of

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diathesis. The infant in the recovered case was born with

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On the fifth day after the first and hours after the third

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of bacteria. When the epithelium is well preserved bacteria are

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tory of which was exhaustively given by Bouillaud of

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of the malignancy of the new growth. It is to be par

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number of cases I have seen operated on I have never seen any

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