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cases neither inflaTnmation nor any appreciable lesion of the neirons syitoi
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Few physicians who have practiced medicine five years but
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the mucous membrane of the stomach the pelvic mucous membrane
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a fortnight or oftener by Mr. Marshall and Sir Henry Thompson. In
latter was obtained from the peritoneal cavity of a
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There is yet to be added that Dr. Baldwin was made a
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the rotary or grinding motion. The teeth of the ape or monkey
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does to the text or reference book. It is full of facts
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and most of the balance went to the various states.
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save that in this case as well as in the five others
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Next day however the paraplegia returned. These attacks with almost
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curable maladies are admissible but all lunatics and
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ear suppuration is pathognomonic of that condition. The patient s state
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groups. The tactical squadrons and groups continued to draw supplies from
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lows Missouri Medical College Homeopathic of Kansas City Uni
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was due to serum anaphylaxis i The collapse occurred
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letter the general mention of the Burton brewers being incidental
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the sparteine and given three times daily. From this
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with were important in view of the fact that the treat
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appropriate diet always remembering that the disease was not
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Visiting physicians Drs. Simonton Mitchellville Allen Pel
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The heaviness of the eyelids continues as before even when
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inoculation and the severity of the purulent ophthalmia fol
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Next below comes the mammary region extending from the lower bolder of
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he Mr. Wells felt disposed to follow unless further obser
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was collected for examination during the last half of
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adequate idea of mutual relationships should not its genera be so
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coccus. Its movements cannot be traced with certainty.
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For the week ending April th in Boston according to
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tive power it may possess is exerted indirectly. Its therapeutic action in
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to insane persons Is it not a notorious fact that con
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ventricle is inefficient it gives somewhat the blood pres
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peded from fo fmall a quantity of matter and thefe cryflals whilft they

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