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possible to designate roughly some of these factors

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this is done change the treatment to white lotion instead of

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strated the fact that bacteria are the cause of certain diseases. The

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to hold. Thus he for instance complains of the initia

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are requested to correct it by publishing a verbatim copy of the

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wooden houses cool off at night much faster than the

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bular lobe of the hypophysis is the portion employed. The

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ma.v follow trifling wounds of the face and even acne

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sooner the filtration after removal and the greater

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all the symptoms we have mentioned there can be no mis

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of the esophagus is filled with food and after some time the

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to integuments at the extremity of the nose. Within the oi bit the

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that English surgeons give it the name pelvic cellu

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In fracture of the clavicle the outer fragnicrtt is dis

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the clinical history chemical examination etc. had in

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finger then detected just beyond the prostate a mass

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Dr. Bell s objections could he done away with and the ad

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Special arrangements for Membership of recent graduates have been made by the Trustees.

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we find him asking one of the Medical witnesses how he recon

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phate as well as with those for gelatin bromide Fig..

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vals. The repetition of the habit makes part of that

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beginning of the experiments. Obviously he assumed that during an

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only negative electricity with its quality of favoring

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sometimes proves fatal. Perhaps it has been useful in

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manner or whether improvement in the general tuberculosis or

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Prof. Lusk of Cornell and asked him if there was any

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of the first lead represents the algebraic sum of the records obtained

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restriction of motion and pain on the side affected while the respiratory

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Netley Professor Maclean thus surnoied up the course of treatment

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and tissues according to their relative activities and since these vary

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small pox in England can find no mention of the disease

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come to us in the form of neuralgias and the various

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Dr. Barber of Bristol would like the experience and advice

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reported that the Jewish peasants in the Odessa district are

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long way toward preventing these faults. It is doubtful whether the

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