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only Canadian outside of politics upon whom the honour of a

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well following the injection of tuberculous material from a

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preponderates a certain albeit limited amount of evidence is still

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number of years they had made careful inquiries into

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active treatment and it might be that we had fast or

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men six or eight grammes. The use of larger doses than

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gress. Surely no measure of greater importance can be

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nosis and etiology. It may or may not be accompanied by prsecordial

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habits into healthful cleanly and I might say aseptic habits.

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be improper to inflict the inconvenience of energetic medicinal

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non takes the college authorities of France severely

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eczcmatoid dermatitis. Staphylococcus vaccines and local antiseptic applications

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Dr. Ogilvie seemed never to think of himself but did think constantly

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carefully scrutinized and communicated to the jro i

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sociated with fever which is in the majority of them consider

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tension. Localized weakness in the arterial wall is

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brunette traits and pulmonary tuberculosis. It can of course be urged

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Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary Newcastle upon Tyne etc. and

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reserve their ribald language and scunility a scurrility which instead of

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parasites. During the asexual development the most severe Symp

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lined to the upper portion of the abdomen the abdominal

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animal experimentation also the first changes are apparent in the

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and unless these are stocked with small fish they are a

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point. This shows conclusively that these tremors ure the residfs of u

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the following day sixty persons in this small and up to that time

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pain in cardiac region which is increased by a full inspira

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inhale pulverized sputum or ingest food contaminated with it. The

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where he has held the Directorship of the Klinik for

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at a time when assistance is not easily obtained and the

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recumbent posture with inability to sleep. The face was pale and some

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have been seen effused on a serous membrane and pus also has

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