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removed the sutures and dressed with basilicon cerate with

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Warburton Begbie Gilbert Morehead Waring Wilks Gamgee Brunton

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tissue anlagen and that the extent of this lesion cannot always

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ous diseased states. The lenght of surrival in a wide variety of

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of the illustrious patient is still better than it was last

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bougie to avoid perforating the wall an oceurrenee b no means infrequent

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sent for I supposed she was walking and had recovered but found

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pox and the struggle with it small pox epidemic in the

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they were a hale jolly looking set intending to travel about

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inadequate causes. The so called thymic death has been much discussed.

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A Letter of the Corresponding Secretary of the New York State Inebriate

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below in the foramen cecum. The crest is grooved for

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faction of the erectile tissue is easilj accomplished

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centre always produces equal movement of both vocal cords. See F. Semon s

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This case should remind physicians of the importance of

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in connection with conclusions arrived at by Meniere and on the

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me follow that the German student of medicine should

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bacteriologist in which science although yet a com

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way. Heat is one of the essential elements of inflammation and

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in general pertains to the primary disease and this feature has

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views. The committee could not discern any immediate

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lowed the correction of as low degrees of astigmatism as. D.

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much between the characters of a sacculated exudation and ascites

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It is however scarcely philosophical to stop here we

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tion with an extensive involvement of both lungs in

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an initial contraction soon after the introduction of

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Medical Research was organized recently with forty

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Intranasal treatment by lavage and local applications to the interior

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ful pigs and dogs l dram. For sore throat place a tea

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heated till tlie air is saturated with the vapours. The

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in a month d Crushing and fracture of the left forearm.

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panied by increased rapidity of the heart followed by

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people to meet the cost of high quality medical care.

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method. Dubois had been an especially unfavorable critic

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fever. With this latter it had many points of similar

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of King s Coll. Lond has been appointed Surgeon to tbe Salop County

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as Mr. Brooke had suggested and had w itnessed the experi

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memts to which the afferent fibres from the diseased viscera pass.

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disease vigorous antisyphilitic treatment should be instituted with

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was partially frozen and small spiculs of ice lay within

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color. Finally in discharges of long standing maceration and

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