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equina. Thorburn says that the only disease of this


thus moderate a congestion of the liver the venesection has not been

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subdued the disease and restored the sick ones to health gave

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surface of a more uniform appearance the lobular structure

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and transplanted in the new position. Defects in the

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malarial epidemic in it caused only deaths. Whatever

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medically as a tonic alterative antisyphilitic etc.

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with a drill like motion can be made to penetrate the

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St. Louis Children s Hospital and the Barnes Hospital in order to

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tion of its secretory activity after the animal has recovered from the

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Hempstead L. I. of which this comjjlainant had per

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np.mediate inhibition or at least an unmistakable reduction of the

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on Spontaneous Generation pages on The Theories of Inflamma

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happens if bentyl given iv

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small communities or large institutions where an automatic sys

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ever so violent or whatever may be the extent of the membranes

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and numerous communications on a variety of subjects

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is low the velocity in the capillaries is defective and the vis viva

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isolated had a small fire risk and were adaptable to any

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ticulars it often falls out otherwise. Nav it is reported by a

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them from alumni to be doctores equally qualified to practice

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or should be applied. For instance you take a cancerous tumor upon

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sider however that our American profession will be other than

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Conception is most likely to occur following cohabitation

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Court of Examiners of the Royal College of Surgeons

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any other operator. He notes several interesting clinical facts viz. The

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betic treatment if taken early. The patient if neg

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under the presidency of the late lamented Dr. William

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We can thus understand that if ansemia should arise from any

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red iodide of mercury ointment. Let the dressing be changed two

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cussed and is declared to be the foundation of modern

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which she had thrown up the previous night. The head

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Should any of these ointments prove too excitant they may be

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The Rfgular Session begins on tue last Tuesday of Sep.

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several noted physicians whom chance had brought together. The

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its entailments acting upon an already overwhelmed economy will

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between the head and the pelvic bones. Tlie pulse was

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not a peculiarity of the Irish to be able to dream and

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ditions of the town were fair and the billets as good

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together with electricity and massage are useful adjuncts to treatment.

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ed that with the food a sharp object entered the stomach work

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valve. Colon bacilli were present in all these local

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