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tuberculosis of the genital organs. By exclusion the con



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we. must hesitate to accept any dogmatic conclusion in regard

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The determination of fats and total solids is used to detect skim

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severe and constant throbbing or burning. It should be noted

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tonitis. A plastic process in the peritoneum took place

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pert s competency and the admissibility of his testimony

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being attended with relief. The pulse is frequent and

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by furrounding glaffes with refufe hay well prefled and uniformly wetted it

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J the inspectors of nuisances will keep the medical officer of health

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garded the portions affected putting on a remarkably sym

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ness was due to ophthalmia neonatorum. The partially

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facts that might be of interest to the medical profes

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washed out by the syphon tube and again just before the

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This light does not pass on as so much useless light

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of the phthisis was checked and two years afterward no traces of

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When efforts at relieving the dropsy by means of medicines fail then

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by him referred to the Colonial Secretary who lent a

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One of the trials of the Health Officer of this port and

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the Vicious Circles of the Stomach referring to the effects of de

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powerful remedial eff ects adapted to a greater variety of cases

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plaa tar see Depilatory Emplastrum picis. P. stone

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horse breaking a bridle put a thin soft pad under that

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by its administration. It should be given cautiously and in

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Hospital or Hospitals during two years of that period and

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be obtainable. Enlargement is often not marked in elderly patients.

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apparatus amp c. given in the Second Summer and Third Winter Sessions

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vorable termination of the case are much enhanced. In most or

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ing evaporating precipitating with platinum chloride separating the double

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leaning on it when taking food. But cellular inflammation takes

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though the symptoms in both cases suggest encephalitis

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know so many useless things what the clouds are and why

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accompanied with the same abnormal state of the blood.

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us this savours somewhat of the eulogies contained in the testi

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contained a moderate number of pneumococcus bacilli

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measures such as pyrethrum bombs repellent and bed nets were used routinely.

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starch are rarely combined in ripe foods. Acids and pro

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la season were three persons landed from the steamer P. Miller

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