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remedy for rheumatism among the rational physicians there is undoubt

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revealed practically nothing that was not already known about this condition.

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sure of mm. such periods followed the apnea at a height cor

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cury in syphilis or salicylic acid in acute articular rheumatism. Per

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spected herds and even in certified dairies cows with

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skin. The rainfall is however increased up to a certain height

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an early attempt to determine the homologies of the cerebral

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ciency may be generated at this earliest of critical mo

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and other necessaries at the expense of others many of whom

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liver may be complicated particular mention should first of all

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coloured ascitic fluid. Tumour white and glistening. Firm

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is now in the hands of the representatives. Our bill was intro

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sheet No. i moistened with the solution of potassium

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curred on the bases of an old rheumatic endocarditis usu

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don edition thoroughly revised and much improyed. In one very handsome octavo

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School of Medicine and University of Illinois College of

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was republished with all the illustrations in the best

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portant such considerations must be in the matter of

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of special methods applied to surgery and Dr Berry Hart discourses

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strictly speaking be included under the heading of pulmo

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tetanus since it has been demonstrated that the kid

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presenting the same reaction as the corpora amylacea of the brain

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Vanderbilt Clinic College of Physicians and Surgeons New

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causing a decrease of the other. By comparison of the dissociation curve

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is wise that we the teachers receive from you as I know we

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The Menopause In the June number of the American Journal of Clinical

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is partial in man monkeys and many mammals and complete in fishes

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muscular coats in a characteristic manner. The specimen

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imperfect I beg to enclose a few particulars not brought out at the

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inoculation as a prophylaxis of both typhoid fever and

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child was stilll orn and the mother also perished shortly afterward.

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manded the artery. The ligature was then tied and pulsation

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twelfth dorsal vertebra reduced the displacement with

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face was pale and a little auxious. The breathing was short and

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the suppression of a long standing discharge it would be judicious

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Monocular diplopia and polyopia are very curious symptoms. If an

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tifiable in terms of proportionality to the quality of health

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