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tympanic cavity and as to the character of the sound produced. The

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complications situated in other parts than the lungs and apt to be

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for space for exhibits from those countries must be made through

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Whitworth and Hardwicke Hospitals Ex President British

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March Massachusetts Society of Examining Physicians

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There ought then to be. per cent persons already infected

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saci o iliac joints with resulting pain and limita

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being drawn into the duct each day. while the part which

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and handling afterwards. Gauze may also be sterilized by steaming

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tiously tried a soft rectal tube being passed up through

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The intense thirst which exists more especially in cases that have

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cavity and be accompanied by a hemorrhage as severe as a pri

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bones are broken there is apt to be marked displacement and crepi

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ture than with that ordinarily received theory which would

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Also a specimen of carcinoma of the portio vaginalis uterus

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year s hospital experience or two years professional

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ing nor any discharge cither from the bowels or from the bladder

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For additional information on these and other meetings contact MAG Division of Education.

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the science of bacteriology and its practical application to the problems

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Dr. Williams held the rubber cord controlling hemor

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instructors in anatomy have felt the criminating annotations. The various

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occurred during the previous years probably because Credo s method

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passed at the end of micturition have been present for four years

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instances the antitoxic value becomes lowered. It should be kept in a cool

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States and invited them to join in all the discussions

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degree the temperature of the interior of the system.

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tent fever. In ague you may sometimes have profuse sweating and

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diseases of animals and as the importance of this subject can

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stated that the case was reported as an instance of ab

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arterioles and in jjencral corresponds to the ari ange

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such as the stethoscope ophthalmoscope microscope or the various

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softened by acute and indurated by chronic inflammation to

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