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supplying the motor system of the ossicles are seen in the intratemporal

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By the kindness of Dr. F. Hadra resident surgeon to

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free escape of urine and thereby to do away with the

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cussing the subject very fully drew the following practi

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forty to fifty per cent of the inoculations in white mice. Gray

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It is unnecessary to advert to the preventive measures recommended

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acid to form ammonium borate. This reaction starts with a certain

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braneli of his art tlie knowledge of skin diseases being

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might be considered necessary and then the authorities

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process of the fourth cervical vertebra slipping over

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Hydrocyanic Acid Gas. Hydrocyanic acid gas is a very powerful

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persistent inquiry such as I have of late practised

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pressure. In phthisical patients it shows the pulse but never quite

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the frequencj of placental presentations it was considered that by

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through an attack of influenza is a matter of general ob

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sclerotic at a point posterior to its natural insertion and this

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palatable dish with anti slavery in the hope of prolonging its life and

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ephthalein test as used by them had many advantages over

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external use of iodoform is its solution in collodion. A per

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II. Immunization with the Bile of Affected Animals. The

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Scarlet fever and diphtheria are eminently mobile diseases. They vary

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ously was excellent in alcoholics but the ordinary hyp

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First then the large abscess which is generally though not always

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with great pain. I found the left vesicle hot swol

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an old lover of hers more than thirty years before who she thought

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Cameron Ronald Ross A.B. Johns Hopkins University Maryland

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Lieutenant Muller who had had it in the West Indies and

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haemorrhage etc. Billroth. The whole interest in the question is centred in

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in the wards well covered up in bed for from one to

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mal dog or not reduced diabetic dog. Moreover a few hours after

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life or old age is slowly formed and in its descent into the

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are no bristles on the abdomen except at the tip and

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