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ing her two years of married life the husband had at

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ministered there would have been more than one ready

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Medical Department Joseph Gra gent. to be Stalf Assistaut Snrgeon

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in a corner. Or again the head would be placed across the loins

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nobleness of character could remain idle spectators when the exi

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blooded according to their ability to maintain the body temperature at

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nated in the animal. To develop a vaccine of a potency which

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limited groups of glands were involved and considerable reliance

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hence aboye and beyond all others are the effects of religion on the

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fever took place at theSociete Medicale des Hopitaux.

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different occasions and the patient did not recover until

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chial glands with calcification and secondary chronic

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the same blood. A connection of those animals that are

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no provisions for fees to the undertakers upon whom the chief burden

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crystals are boiled with caustic potash and oxide of lead sulphite of lead

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region usually covered by the collar. When a person with goiter goes

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prognosis of postoperative lesions and might show the

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travasation. Infiltration of blood into the air cells

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his object in introducing this subject was to bring into

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half millions in the Bame quantity. It is known too that

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partial arrest of haemorrhage and formation of a small

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without the use of drugs or surgical instruments by manip

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Bohemia and therefore being under Austrian rule did not

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in which the patient was well three and one half years after operation

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citizens of the United States. If in the present condition of the

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common sense for centuries. Zola in his latest book

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and muscularis. The branches which traverse the mus

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established wi h any certainty until the rapid course and sudden disap

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functions. It is aseptic and therefore devoid of fer

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profession and we are still unable to state confidently which is the

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young military officers paying a visit to the same place. The

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regimen and counter irritation are of more value than

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of phagocytic leukocytes decreases gradually the total number of leukocytes

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incident to the puerperal state. In accordance with the ordinary usage

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the patient and the disinfection of everything that has had contact

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I may be pardoned for making this short and imperfect resume of

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Among the earliest publications on medical subjects in America

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by attention to the true pathology of the states we are

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