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equally good for Menorrhagia the same is excellent for
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condition permit. Ovarian castration in young women with heart
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equina was involved found some degeneration in Lissauer s tract
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which were examined a small increase of lymphocytes was found but
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Dr. Fisher said that after all. what he meant was that
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spread until drastic measures can eliminate the diseased animals
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tube was fixed by ligature. The procedure looked ex
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wind. Sometimes the delay is much longer at the end of a week
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frequent occurs either immediately after eating or an hour or two later.
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pletely reabsorbed so long as its concentration remains under a more or less
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thus formed terminated in a residence which continued until
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peptone as it is not possible for us to say that the supposed
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the last rib to the median line then direct to the pelvis and
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living apart from the influence of large cities large
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disqualified if he attempts to practise medicine again.
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Injections or irrigations with various medicated fluids constitute
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in cases in which the heel is denuded of its integument
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a dish and allowing it to burn inside while the doors and
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worthy of record since every case of a malady which has
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pnMPTI DAT O.M Cerebral Congestion Headache Indigestion Bile Hemorrhoids etc.
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meat when introduced into vegetables act in the same manner. The
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question and one to which upon a future occasion I must direct
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by the administration to the latter of a large amount
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eftablifti the doi irine of the fibres of it being annular
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septicemias. One death probably attributable to the outbreak
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in the other operative interference became necessary six months
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this plan of treatment the frequently fatal results of
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physician should oppose the pharmacy and committee bills in their
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in defecation with a feeling as if the bowel had been imperfectly
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moval of tuberculous glands of the neck now than they
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of age. The case presented was a typical example of
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vesicant for bites of insects. Internally As a gastric.
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When these problems are solved the optimal particle size for hepatic deposi
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his patients belonged to the first group and all re

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