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importance to the anatomist. The blood coagulum is found only in the

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tion in the shape of blisters and there was soon a mani

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wider less curved and is directed more obliquely back

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stitute is under the direction of Professor Starling.

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tasique of Cornil.. Purpura from primary alteration of the

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may not be in the non suppurative affections a difference which

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ers of school children in particular should learn the years

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means for carrying adequate amounts of gases to supply the requirements

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often precipitated and peptonized casein with energetic gas produc

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died from measles. Lesage has met with an extremely small micrococcus

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remaining tubes of the. S fb he to al volume in each

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maintained or whether there was a real hiatus through

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provement I urge operation. Only a few days ago I declined to operate

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to the phenomena of the cerebral circulation. If the notions

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science and constitutes a backward instead of a forward movement

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son of the modern time he was quite sure that these

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they did not follow the blood vessels into the connective

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point about which much more evidence must be obtained before we can

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frequently to deal with disease by operation in which

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four countries represented whose work concerned in any

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tenderness of the intestines on palpation. Anaemia was in

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with the homeopathic enactments and at the same time tries to

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who was admitted to the hospital complaining of diffi

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disseminated fat necrosis is not found so frequently as in hemorrhagic

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and other parts of the body. ANATOMICAL ACHROMATIC MICRO

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essential symptom of arthritis was limitation of move

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single or the doulDle periosteum remains visible Craniotabes

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infrequently found a history of manic depressive he

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fact I would refer to a case lately presented by me to

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siciaq often observes diseases peculiar to women acquired in

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oblongata to the posterior foramen lacerum it is evident that

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J stimulate assimilate without tax on the digestive or

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ways served to animate the French troops. At one time

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The rapid and progressive advances in the science and art of gyne

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The Treatment of Imperforate Anus. In an interesting

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neys blood vessels brain etc. from the effects of the disease.

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given Tuberculous intestinal ulcer after and on the re

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their occupation is gone their resources are exhausted

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influence over the diathesis as Logul observes. Its

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nal packing of foundation walls is a clean smooth compact clay

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forgotten that the latter is a cardiac depressant chloralamid or sulfonal

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the second day this subject was discussed largely for the

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had cured not only the ophthalmia but also a blennorrhagia

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