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met with in armies and ship crews where the diet is

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torn. This looks a little rough but I am confident that

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the result of mental unsoundness is doubtless natural and

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ings. The solutions are made from rectified meth ene

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pneumonia. Whatever we could do in the way of treat

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as in previous pregnancy. The urine on July st showed

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Sir Thomas Myles also exhibited a young man aged twenty

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sagittal sections of the same thickness the other half into four horizontal

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but the antitoxin is contained in the blood serum and it can be

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tures of silk because as there is no peritoneum on the

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thor records the histories of fifteen cases. He believes that

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life when the uterine system is far from having attained its full activity.

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is remarkable that she did not perceive the odour until after

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sists of two parts the treatment of the cutaneous manifestations and that

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phylaxis but this does not permit the conclusion that the same decom

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