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depository of their sorrows and their counsellor in afflic

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oleates themselves. Preparations consisting of oleates in

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and the resisting power of the patient is satisfac

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phlebitis. As a result of this operation the patient was

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of the bones brought about by a pathological activity of the ovaries

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the cells already saturated with salt do not so readily

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PROGNoeis and Treatment need hardly be considered as the affection is

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it should be attempted as soon as possible. None of the

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metrorrhagia. An ampoule was given in one or divided

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a guinea pig was inoculated on the nd July. No tubercle bacilli were

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point and cutting edge of the knife used. But when the

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A tooth is composed of a firm external crust called enamel tho

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is disturbed dilatation of the glands occurs with the formation of re

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large abnormal cells often multinuclear presenting the

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