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people is to be estimated by their readiness to extirpate infec
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artisans and professional men evince no evidence of
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It is generally understood that the condition of the
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afford adequate protection against diseased and unwholesome meats
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and promises better results in certain cases than all
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great advantage from the employment of a saturated solution
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Brighfs Reports of Medical Cases published in. From both
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four to forty eight hours of a papule with red areola
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by Welch three fourths occurred between the fortieth and seventieth years.
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after Noguchi had succeeded in growing the spirochaeta pallida in
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having been benefited by this arrangement because the
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only one convolution of the brain or a part of the convolution attacking
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In fact there are a great many difficulties mentioned in this paper
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might constantly be made into the crevice and thence
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posteriorly and below on the left side. Five grains
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sideration of the frequency with which an attack of
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ology fail to state the actual loss of animals in the to hours
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and was cured by two injections. The third was similar
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and dui ing the loth and th very perseveringly yielded her
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intestine is indicated. Hydrotherapy must not be neg
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hospital in December but no bacilli were found his faeces were
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the intestine. Stimulation of the sympathetics will inhibit the vermicu
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well above the junction to below it. The nerve junction
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which their temperament especially predisposes them. Cerebral overwork
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of pen and ink or aught equivalent thereunto to such an extent
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snuff stirred in is thought to have still more of the
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Although general treatment has its place local therapy can not be
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Further information can be obtained of the Hon. Secretaries.

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