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one case twelve ounces. Sometimes very large quantities of spirits are

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These are not isolated examples of the constancy of the diastolic

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deserves none he will be absurd and ridiculous in the end. And

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diagnostic features that would necessitate separate

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from thrombosis was mistaken for a much more serious affec

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generally found in pus cells in the nasal or bronchial

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forefathers. Now the situation is full of hope. The

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cal abscess has a great tendency to point on the surface of

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under systematic treatment the more hopeful the prognosis

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blance to ordinary mumps. Dr. Barlow read a paper on

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introduced into the uterus for the destruction of an imag

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cases has been furnished by Welch and Flexner. Erdman has reviewed

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place the butt end of the timber upwards from the greater difficulty

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various capacities the chief magistrate or as a citizen generally

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blood letting. They determined therefore to adhere more

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tions are very rare in bovines or at least they are observed

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same amount of potential energy will be available as would

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abandoned regular irrigation of the vagina and the introduction

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