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and the cautious sifting of alleged facts for which we are
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supraorbital nerve in October but a few days adminis
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mine having been many months troubled with a difficulty of breathing was
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a milky opalescence which disappeared as the fibrin net
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appear. Their nature is in licated by the scrofulous
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ed that it was of great importance to the physician. We
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inquiry into the initial causes of pneumonia and sec
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culties the dissimilarity in the tastes of the patient and
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ploys seven editors retains two part time physicians
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cover glasses can be carried in larger numbers than slides
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few days three sudden deaths occurred as a direct result of exces
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ample opportunity of studying the clinical features of the disease which
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the world. Reprints to the number of of original articles
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The biliary secretion was collected for a number of days and the
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These details of our activities in one small industry during a year
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veratrum viride No. Veratrum album with the rhizome only No.
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form are not infrequent. When it is considered that
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to have a Pliarmacopoeia witliout a Dis ens.atory. It
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would require that the spermatozoids be in a state ap
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the blood vessels on the other hand. If either of these
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ness how much goodness went into the making of them.
the intestine is adherent and cannot prolapse very much.
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ufeful for the refpiration of another animal at leaft of the fame kind.
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troduction was brought about by what the English call a fluka The
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the presence of a very moderate degree of effusion.
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fifty volts one pole of the battery being placed over the
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cury combined with opiates then I say we can employ the
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medulla oblongata from rabid dogs into the jugular vein the aninials
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will astound the authorities. A trip was made as far as
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thirty five or forty the weight remaining constant for ten
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under aseptic precautions are implanted into the peritoneal cavities
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Diagnosis of Rabies in Dogs. The diagnosis of rabies in dogs may
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that may result from this cause as the impaired develop
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several cases. Intestinal symptoms diarrhoea flatulence and in some cases
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complaints Essences are unequaled. Being used WITHOUT WATER
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gametes do not divide till the microgametes have entered
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pool the Hon. Jas. Boyle also spoke sympathetically of the
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and wash water are in some ways identical with those observed in
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testis arise and contain the well known oitcytes and sperm cells
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in the tissues being approximately from five to ten times greater than in
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oxygen and that we have to deal with a condition of incomplete
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jected immediately after taking the p. m. temperature and the
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In other words to acquire the art of practising medi
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eral depression the physical signs are much more likely to be prominent
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examination chest X ray bacteriological and other laboratory tests as indicated. Ar
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catarrh commonly provocative of the cholangitis. The patient should go to
so to speak when fertilized is a minute spherical or

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