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The pigment which Hertwig has traced to the destruction of chro
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of their growth and power of producing toxic substances.
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to produce the disease in certain animals. But it was
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sidered the trouble in lead jioisoning to be central
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wormwood amp c. yet all thefc arc numbred among falts becaufe they agree
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ments addressed to the understanding or by mere appeal to the
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brane or rather of the visible parts in the immediate vi
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an average of three and one half grains. Five patients
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and perfect. If septic infection could be altogether prevented
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its normal channels into the blood stream of the supracortical veins
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acquired a certain degree of acridness and might therefore act
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at Fort Worth Texas has entered the service of the Bureau of
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about the effects which it was commonly desired to ob
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will cause the manifestations of severe pain and disease which
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siderable importance as it colours the urine brown and
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growth of this sort in the process of replacing the marrow
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tilisation of Actinophrys sol are readily seen and the result is that
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fontanels of the skulls of new born infants correspond perfectly to the
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carbonate of lime which is the form in which it invariably
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s amuser. Sou vent m me aux instants oil YHomere bouffon
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exceptions to this rule of death nearly always occurring in
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Physiology. We know to day that the role of the kidney consists in
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lungs with perfect impunity. Acting on this suggestion Bergeon
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freely into the small bladder and a catheter could be inserted through the
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ophthalmic neuralgia of the trifacial nerve cervical brachial sciatic
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him afterwards he always expressed himself perfectly free from
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To be taken when required. Dysjjepsia and Heartburn.
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watery and dark colored jr bloody and slimy. The child is usually very
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a small caliber hydrocele trocar was pushed through the more than
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theterism a la suite. After this operation I was able
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and a half long round the upper and left side of the
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as I was starting here and thinking the case of sufficient interest to
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ous humour was discharged all the general obscurity dtsap

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