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garly pronounced coper ey has a pungent bitter taste

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A new intravenous contrast material was developed with the utilization of

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g ard is of a shape to secure easy separation of the

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bishop of Treves on April. The ordinance sets forth

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animals weekly. Weanling rats of the inbred Fisher strain are used

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another finger might be passed and then a third and at length

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hospital deaths. Cushing perhaps even exceeded that average in contributions to

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not aware that these phenomena have in such persons been

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It is satisfactory to see from the official bulletin lately

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ing in character. There is neither redness nor tenderness as a rule

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ceiving such dead body shall g ve to the officers sur

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mentation having shown further that the Osteopath accomplishes such

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now know that this material contained tetanus spores.

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dition to this factor. On the evening of the fourth day

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thorough knowledge of his profession have been the very best.

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hemorrhage which demanded the immediate evacuation of the uterine con

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