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skin often vesicular eczema and diphtherioid lesions on the buccal

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divert the natural and prescriptive drainage of areas

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government and the declaration of fundamental principles in which

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organic life we will briefly give the more prominent facts so

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to offer himself for examination must give notice on or before the

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William Barnard Sharp M.D. Professor of Preventive Medicine University

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Occlusion of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery causes the fol

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is constantly present a large damp surface which could

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that it is the result of correlated development. lt in

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sought. As vomiting seemed to have been a frequent complaint

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the cut of a dissecting knife immediate relief and effectual

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tion we may mention a curious fact communicated to the Commission by

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to be no law which would tend to prevent the sale of diseased

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logically different species one of which is peculiar to man and the other

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that trauma exposure meteorological conditions acute infections

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mal and pathological subjects. In normal subjects the comparisons have

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cured by that arrangement as compared with two separate

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viously we will not wear chest protectors and heavy cloth

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naturally rendered the case a very unusual one. and

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skin diseases but in all those in whom perverted me

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of the exposed snrtaces nsnally the iauces whore they excite local intlam

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In an advanced case the prognosis is hopeless. It shouhl he borne in

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The appearance of the diseased auricle was almost melanotic

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portant and more widespread makes us welcome any book which

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but on operation a mere rudimentary origin was found

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a graduate of a college of midwifery which requires as a pre

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wise There is always diarrhoea when the mucous membrane

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seem there is debatable justification for its publication.

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lime salts. The only chemical examination as yet made was the

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looked as if made but a few minutes before thus show

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and fourth thoracic nerves. Secondly in accordance with the work

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scribed as a diagnostic method. This period was that

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