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Taccination is a certain preventative but that vaccination is a

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tion of railway cars by Dr. Reed disclosed some un

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the human race that the surface of the ground should continue

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accepted now that the nuclein foods should be prohibited. Fats

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as it were a heavy burden representing a mole yet differing

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yet important as indicating the ethical intentions of the indi

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Pharmaceutist reports two successful cases of this operation and

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afternoon and continued to recur every day about the

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tion the committee on resolutions submitted the following

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and the differential diagnosis is rendered more difficult.

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urious. Those who can afford it will be well repaid

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moist. Bowels regiUar. Urine copious pale coloured

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flabby appearing somewhat too large for the mouth. The

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parts and frequently they are cartilaginous to a great extent. These

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Tlie dosage of the medicaments is managed thus For the

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ous influences on the system and soon followed by disease

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cidental to economic and industrial activities. He con

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Slight nervousness indicates but a transient deficiency in the

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tical importance when we come to treatment and emphasizes

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