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very remarkable the width of these being in some places

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the amount of contamination of the surrounding air de

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retical lectures thoroughly carried out but in every respect

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ovarian cyst. Another was re opened days after operation for

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inflammatory affection such as pneumonia but likewise as a

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AA lien Shall we Advise Tympanomastoid Exenteration in the Treatment

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A typical illustration of the microscopic picture is given by the

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not take place in fractures of the inferior extrem

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cient to cause almost complete and permanent closure

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parts clean the smell from them is most offensive. The evidences of the

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the District Medical Society of Central Illinois Nov.

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limits are more elastic that it can be hoped to secure the number

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twentieth day of his illness death terminated his sufferings.

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exploited as a universal cause of the woes of the neuroses

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Harley supported by Dr. Sharpey had something new to

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sor Gross who led one side of the debate would admit that

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