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stages first second or third the remedies mercury and iodide of potas

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brief report in the form of preamble and resolutions

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quency is admitted. The finds depicted by Rheindorf

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undoubtedly many of the winter resorts are badly selected for the very

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face it becomes to all intents and purposes a surface water unless

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ft grac llS cerebel ll sulcus inferior posterior see

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chicken pox. The original spelling was pocks a pock

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McCartv RUFUS H. Passed Assistant Surgeon. Died April

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of this kind the loss of energy by sugar elimination

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proliferation is difficult. It may be merely an example of

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If there should be a cause to suspect the antisepsis of

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large as a hen s egg and firmly enveloped in its cap

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ably the best in the world so many restrictions are laid

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day up to doses of minims which was reached about the th

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tively simple problem. The infection must eliminated in the

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ton it has been and still is the custom to find tlie only

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Since Koch s announcement of the discovery of tuberculine

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authors designate it pharyngitis foUicularis because they consider that

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use of coffee or alcohol in acute or subacute cases.

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the more frequently will the bone have to be cut off.

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This granted the tuberculous person the greatest possible

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tion within the fauces perhaps anterior and posterior

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this way a fairly accurate comparison could be made For a long

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The public have searched in vain for centuries for a

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under the effect of one of the three curative remedies mentioned above.

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concerned the available evidence indicates that the absolute diminution

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pecially any narrowing of the portal vessels manifestly

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clinic Medical School and Hospital Assistant Attending

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follows Pellagra is a disease resulting from an in

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The duties of the public health nurse usually consist of caring

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a more rigorous scrutiny of patients in the clinic for the

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observer. A patient after exposure to cold is attacked with

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erties of living matter. And this was not the only de

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on being subjected to a temperature of it is killed instantly. A corrosive

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such thorns and some of them have left a smart which cannot

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guinea pig and then to inoculate rabbits John Eraser Tuberculosis o

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erthclefs agreed if he mould return by four o clock on I

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serous cavities. In some epidemics this sequela has been found more

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