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sympathetic mechanism only should be considered and the difference in

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These are supposed to be a late manifestation of congenital

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sisted in the means already devised for the treatment of

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galeati that Charcot gave to these patients. Frequently a kind of

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another late in the disease one may be rigid in his antiseptic

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system. If this be true it would seem to place the promiscuous

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appendage from injury by striking against the dash board.

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The minutes of the Council meeting of February th were read and

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mann s patient was a lady aged fifty two who had suffered from

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of chest especially over breasts and abdomen is considerably pigmented

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head was in the cavity or at the outlet of the cavity

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me as he suspected acute appendicitis. On my arrival an hour later

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of the several faculties the means by which they might be cultivated

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cases I met with were unusually severe or unmanageable. The

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these were bitten on the face and hands the greater danger of

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acf epting tickets from such onl. This would obviate the neces

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ceased to be evidently beneficial either in arresting or preventing

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the diploma. Medical colleges would then attempt to

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pressure. In true inflammatory conditions deep pressure

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the final outcome deafness are with inflammation of the kidney

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vomiting and eight to ten black dejections dally. The

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constant vulvar discharge. Uusually the discharge is fetid

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Comparative Anatomy ESSAY on the ANATOMY PHYSIOLOGY and PATHO

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ing Of persons bitten by animals in which rabies was proved

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of an address delivered to members of the Saturday Club tiffin

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be ascribed either to reflex respiratory arrest or to

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admit of the act of respiration and expiration till the

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