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that there were in his State last year recorded cases

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Another way is to work from the spine springing the spine toward

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other quarters especially used for mangy horses but they were

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Dr. LowENBERG of Philadelphia said his results with

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is beneficial in certain cases and in other cases may be

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their treatise on Diseases of Children published by P. Blakis

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by the early involvement of the head. Double hemiplegia is characterized

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advised early or late operation for ectopic gestation.

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vading the other. Like peripheral neuritis it advances progressively from

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tures. Tfius it enters to a considerable extent into the formation of

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of ureteral sounding and radiography furnishes quite a few diagnos

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disinfected and the manner in which this disinfection is to be

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to the development of pelvic abscess following appen

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causative agency therefore is to be found in too pro

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tendency toward melancholia is a most trying condition to

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any better basis for an appeal to public spirited philanthropists who are

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be fairly charged with blame for many diseases. Summer diarrhoea

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amebse are protozoan organisms which under favorable conditions

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scesses etc. within the cavity of the chest and also to those

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dent and sudden illness and we anticipate a vcr gt extensive demand

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Egyptian princess found in one of the vaults containing the

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hear of scarcely a death and there is no such thing as an

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Rats experimentally infected show no marked manifestations of illness

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to the time when it receded over the head yet in the

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Surgeon to the Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia. Pres

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placed in the incubator at C. In five or six days the

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cases provide the basis of the study which concludes with a suggested

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was in consequence a more enlightened community in re

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number of students at the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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nous in taste and dissolving as docs the simple citrate

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testine scalpels and other common surgical instruments

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she had been ailing for about ten days and that one of her

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which point to disease such as the prognathous jaws the

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Nucleated red corpuscles. Distinct nuclei to be seen in red discs.

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otic fluid escaped. Natural delivery of a decomposed foetus took

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organizations engaged in seeking the welfare of mother

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the respiration to become slow and feeble and in lethal

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rabbits injected with the spinal fluid itself and from the brains of

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