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tion and there was not the slightest evidence of inflam
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to present the matter to the next General Assembly and urge
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added at the moment of the preparation of the culture to
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drawings are made from different fields of a twelfth
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these cases were clinically right sided hypertrophy.
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glanders by horse doctors. If caries of the bones of the
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It has been asserted that this disease always owes its origin to
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septic precautions being exercised in the treatment
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alyzes the vasomotor centers and permits relaxation of the
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ema necessitatis. Subsecjuently the name empyema was used as now to des
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contains one feature that may be new to some readers. It has
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vulsions occurred and death ensued. Upon post mortem
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dyspnea which may become fatal. The voice becomes hoarse and
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can be laid down. At times obstinate lunatics positively refuse to
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disks of atropine each containing R gt lt. gr. of sulphate
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soaked by them in these juices and left to dry in the
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agitans chorea and allied states are by Daniel J. McCar
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That It is a mufcular part is evident beyond a doubt
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remedy for hydrophobia but that the destruction of Maro

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