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the lymphatic glands when expofed to the air does not differ
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tered. Examination April d dulness persists r amp les
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decimated more than one seventh of their number were
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pend on a close investigation of the patient s mental and
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in which the results of long experience are concentrated
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existence of a toxin they deny the possibihty of an anti
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acquired a com etence quite equal to that usually attained by country
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which could not be filtered off not the red or white cor
accident statistics of the Eighth Air Force. The anoxia accident rate among
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the above Commission to issue their Report. Some excuse
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diarrhoea set in some time ago and weakened him con
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the production of signs and symptoms which are usually held to be
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General Education conducted by a Board appointed by these two Col
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ago because of certain movements of the head. The child
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course of quinine treatment and the differentiation
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plied to other conditions as follows Eclampsia the local
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hidden. In the hands they most commonly pierce perpen
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ease had reached Flanders it must have traversed all the in
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brother died of this disease after one day s illness
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ovarian end of the ovine uterus. It may be due partly in
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is occasioned mainly by general arterial sclerosis. Dilatation of the
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collyrimns such as boracic acid or creolin solution later astrin
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stones and then the leg was secured in a good position by
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few days six or seven then repeat until the same conditions
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Sec.. No member of this association shall allow a carcass of
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character says he of his candor of the purity of his
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affects several members of the same family. It is named after the famous
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hardship. But it was his object to urge the use of only
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not have been reabsorbed oo solu. In this category belong most likely
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wards published in Liverpool his valuable Medical Reports
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in Cracow of typhus fever contracted during the discharge of his duties.
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Contraindications Renal diseases and patient s sensitive to the drug. In
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servitude and tyranny. It was formerly a mark of dis
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almoft as feldom make good philofophers as good chriftians. For tho all
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so accurately because of the bruised and torn tissues. Im
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carried low down fore feet held wide apart something like a
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and no patient should attempt such a trip unless he is
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and more time to the discussion of this particular subject. Many of you
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why the rectal under such conditions would be more readily

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