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who had been endeavouring to instil into the minds of his audience
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right of practicing in Austria after having undergone an examination.
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generally read the old standard works and are content
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ethyl or nitrous oxide the preparation was such that when
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Fearing that there might be a rupture of the stomach Mr
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appointed July and Shippen who in the October following was made
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great rapidity a condition which has been very carefully studied by Weir
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by Thomas of Liverpool in compound fractures and lithotomy.
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and a still stronger solution i in in equal propor
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ly his clinical symptoms paralleled those said to be
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twelve years afterwards. In a case of Dr. Herman s it had
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Instructions in practice and in pharmacy are afforded
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many cases the process remains limited to the central part of the
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fifty negresses scarcely a birth and at most not over three or
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actually been applied. Another proof of the chemical theory of
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has been more especially remarked in bitches kept from the male.
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libraries in the Colony. He was a man of very quiet
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appears under the microscope as fat tissue with a varying amount of
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success with an injection of sodium chloride in cases of puerperal
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what it now is by the mere force of the human intellect the
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theless are not sufficient to establish the diagnosis positively
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the insensibility of collapse and the approach of death.
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to similar or identical psychic disturbances. Tetanus however
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of these graduations the instrument can be made to fulfil three different
mm. in diameter. The normal markings are completely
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or gastritis because it is apt to induce vomiting in
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side from below but mainly as elastic pressure out
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cessful cases one a child the other an adult. Annals of Surgery.
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tions that the choice is due more to influence and jjoliti

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